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Microsoft Access

DynaSet uses Microsoft Access as its primary development tool.  We chose this particular tool due to its wide range of capabilities and also its ease of use.   Access offers superb query and report writing capabilities that give the detail a user wants, without the complexity of other database packages.  

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We train and encourage our users to learn Access to be able to write and run their own queries and reports, rather than relying on us for changes and additions to their database.  Ad hoc reporting is so critical to a company once they have their data stored in a database.  And with Access, it is simple for users to learn and use this powerful tool.

For more complex data management needs, DynaSet uses Visual Basic, a powerful database programming language that works with Access.  Using Visual Basic, we can automate many functions within a database, simplifying the user's tasks.  Because of these powerful capabilities, Microsoft Access is known as a productivity tool.